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Business Development and Support

pic5Many First Nations have access to a wide variety of natural resources, and a strong desire to use these resources to bring economic and social development to their people to improve their lives. However, a lack of capacity and experience can make it difficult to develop viable and profitable businesses.

McLeod Wood Associates Inc. has a wide variety of skills and experience in business development:

  • Business Plans – We have written or provided business plans for a variety of  organizations within the transportation, natural resources, and energy sectors. We can assist your business or organization in analyzing its goals, its competition, its strengths and weaknesses and identifying possible funding sources.
  • Strategic Planning – MWA Inc.’s advisors have an expertise in strategic planning and work to ensure that the process is open to new ideas and opportunities from all stakeholders.
  • Capacity-Building – Through training and mentoring our goal is to leave our clients with the understanding and confidence necessary to adjust their strategy on a continuous basis.
  • Board Training – MWA Inc.’s Board Training program can be tailored to each organization’s mandate and is designed to ensure that Boards are proactive, investigative, and accountable. Regular Board Training is critical for effective governance and to ensure that the Board’s roles, responsibilities and operating environment are clearly outlined.

McLeod Wood Associates Inc. can also provide services to existing businesses through:

  • Human Resources Support – MWA Inc. has assisted with developing organizational structures, job descriptions and job advertisements, as well as interviewing and identifying candidates for employment opportunities. MWA Inc. also provides Pension & Group Benefit administrative support.
  • Communications Support – MWA Inc.’s advisors are experienced at preparing and distributing community newsletters, undertaking community meetings and producing press releases.

We have well educated, well trained and experienced staff who are able to get a business started, or get a business back on track.