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aboutMcLeod Wood Associates Inc. is a management consulting firm that specializes in providing business, negotiation, and community engagement services to First Nations, governments, and private sector businesses.

The unique mix of skills, experience, and education at McLeod Wood Associates Inc. enables us to be effective at helping communities take an idea and turn it into a viable and profitable business. Our approach is to meet with clients to set out clear objectives, introduce legislation and concepts as they relate to aboriginal issues, and guide the client throughout the permitting and project development phases towards implementation.

Since 1996, McLeod Wood Associates Inc. has witnessed and been part of the evolving and constantly changing canvas of Aboriginal relations in Canada. MWA is fluent in bridging the gaps that exist between the goals and aspirations of First Nations, the Federal and Provincial governments and the expectations of private sector companies that must work with all if there is to be a successful outcome. We are a small firm that has excellent external connections.

We offer a full range of services to assist communities in moving a project through to completion – from taking an initial idea and developing it into a business, through project management, and capacity development so that communities are left with a successful community owned and operated company.

Our team has demonstrated success in working with First Nations on a number of natural resource development projects, including electricity distribution, transmission, renewable electricity generation (including wind, solar and waterpower) and winter road management. MWA Inc. has been involved in program and organizational reviews, mine closure reviews, consultation protocol development, board and governance training and strategic planning. We have also successfully led and supported grievance and Impact Benefit Agreement negotiations that led to a win-win scenario for all involved.

The small-size of the firm ensures that clients receive personal attention and a quick response to their needs. MWA Inc. has a wide range of services to offer clients including meeting facilitation, economic partnership advice, as well as guidance when dealing with government entities. We are also able to explain in plain language the needs of both parties in hopes that by improving understanding we can build a bridge to development opportunities that benefit all parties.

Regardless of the size of the project, we focus on delivering positive outcomes in a timely manner. We believe that success comes down to fostering positive relationships built on mutual respect. The principles of integrity and trust are paramount to our work and in our commitment to the success of our clients. We are always aware that trust is not given, but earned, and we take that edict seriously. The proof is in our success.

We can assist in facilitating everything from a small business development to a multi-million dollar partnership project, and everything in between. Please explore the various services we can provide on the bottom, and contact us to see how we can assist you.

Our unique mix of skills and experiences can meet a wide variety of needs.