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Business Development
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Business Development & Support

Many First Nations have a strong desire to use their natural resources to improve the lives of their people. It can be difficult and complex to develop a viable and profitable business for entrepreneurs living on the reserve. Providing experience and building capacity to support First Nations is what we do.

MWA Inc. delivers with experience & knowledge:



Business Plans

We create & develop successful community driven business plans for multiple sectors. Most recently in transportation, natural resources and energy sectors. This includes identifying business opportunities, analyzing goals, competition, strengths and identifying funding sources.

Strategic Planning

MWA Inc.’s advisors are strategic planning experts, engaging all stakeholders, ensuring the process is open and future forward.


We play a key role in the development of joint ventures between indigenous communities and the private sector.  We support our clients with training and mentorship.  The community then has the skills and confidence to successfully run their businesses with sustainability. 

Board Training

MWA Inc.’s Board Training program is customized ensuring Board Members are knowledgeable, proactive, engaged, and accountable. Ongoing training keeps Directors invested in staying active and fulfilling their responsibilities to the company and their community.  


Communications Support

MWA Inc.’s advisors are experienced developing communications plans, preparing and distributing plain language information, undertaking community meetings, press releases & government relations.

Negotiations Support

A solid Impact Benefits Agreement (IBA) with a company can generate provide substantial benefits for an Indigenous First Nations community, while safeguarding mitigating the impact on their lands and traditions.  MWA Inc. assists with a balanced process ensuring impact benefit agreements, joint ventures, and regulatory engagement, including traditional knowledge collection is negotiated to deliver success.   (we also have led negotiations)

In negotiations, we take direction from the community, working with a community-based negotiating teamor within a team made up of expert advisors and expert advisors. Our work can be adapted to a variety of needs, from designing a negotiations strategy, providing advice and support in negotiations, to planning and support for the successful implementation of the negotiated IBA Benefits Aagreements.

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Empowering Indigenous communities through ownership and operation - 51% Indigenous owned and operated
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