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Indigenous Consultation
& Engagement


Indigenous Consultation
& Engagement

Over the years, Supreme Court rulings have fundamentally changed the development process for many industries in Canada. The courts have found that First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities must be consulted where their rights may be impacted. There continues to be ongoing discussion and debate about the “Duty to Consult and Accommodate” in legal circles as well as in business.  As the Supreme Court rules on various cases, the rules change. This can be frustrating for businesses struggling to keep up with the changes.

McLeod Wood Associates Inc. believes that developing a long-term positive relationship with an impacted First Nations or Métis community is a better outcome than merely complying with legislation.  Developing positive relationships with First Nations and Métis will lead to opportunities, and can make the formal consultation process significantly easier. We help your business achieve a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

MWA Inc. is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between First Nations and businesses. Our firm assists you in your role as a Project Proponent, what steps you can take to fulfill this duty, and how to go beyond to build a strong, lasting & mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.

MWA Inc. delivers community engagement solutions to businesses seeking to navigate the complex “Duty To Consult and Accommodate” process:

  • Identification of impacted communities
  • Consultation support
  • Assistance with community visits
  • Research support
  • Government relations support
  • Community workshops and education

McLeod Wood Associates Inc. has provided First Nations Awareness Training to business and government clients, providing historical perspective, introduction to the culture, while also demonstrating the significance and impact of recent court rulings. MWA Inc. assists clients in making initial contact with First Nations communities and can accompany businesses on their first meetings to ensure a culturally aware and positive outcome.

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